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At Blue Green, we take listening seriously.

Pre-Construction Process

Prior to the start of construction, you will meet with our team to discuss wants, needs and expectations. We will go over particulars such as the house plan you have chosen, whether you own your lot, and time frame to then provide a preliminary estimate as a point of departure.

Budget & Design Consultation

design consultation

Thoughtful design ideas are proposed along with cost benefit analysis. You will select design elements such as exterior finishes, review cabinet plans and begin the interior design process. We will establish the home plan that is uniquely yours and a budget that fits your finances.

Establishing the Formal Agreement


Based on detailed drawings, specifications and work descriptions, we provide a final estimate of costs, timelines and draw schedules. Once the agreement is satisfactory for both parties, we finalize the contract and deposit to start the building process.

Building Preparation


Prior to construction, we evaluate and develop the building site, assess lot restrictions, and applicable local rules and regulations. Necessary permits are acquired and the workers are lined-up to begin building.



The construction phase is when we break ground, transforming an empty lot into your dream home. Inspections will occur periodically throughout different stages. We oversee all phases of construction by managing resources, documentation, and communicating the progress of the project.

Walkthrough & Closing


Before the closing, you will do a final walkthrough with our team. This is your opportunity to learn how everything works and observe details that need to be addressed. On the date of possession, you will be handed the keys–the home is now yours! We want to build a relationship with you long after your home is completed. We will always be here for help and guidance.